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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

This simple one-word question applies to so many things in our world right now.

  • Why is there a new war going on that makes no sense and is hurting innocent people?

  • Why is there so much political unrest here in our own country?

  • Why do terrible things happen to good people?

  • Where is God in this and if He is a loving God then why doesn't He intervene?

  • Why them?

  • Why me?

  • Where is the good in this?

  • Why does life hurt so much for some people and other people seem to sail on through?

  • What about God's promises?

These are questions that most of us ask a times. And it is good to ask these questions, and good to seek answers for ourselves. The Bible provides many answers and is our true guide for truth and love. But, answers in the Bible for questions such as these are not clear-cut of bullet point. The death of a loved one can lead to many more questions than answers. Still it is good to keep asking questions. God understands our questions and our doubts and our anger at times like this. He has all the answers; we do not. But, if we keep this dialogue with God open and go to Him with all of our hurt and despair, He does provide for us in our times of deepest pain. He may not provide answers to our questions, but He does provide His comforting touch and the comfort of others. He provides strength to do things that we are not sure we an do. He provides connections to people that we were not connected to before, but now our paths have crossed and we share a bond. He provides moments of peace, that later become hours of peace, and then days of peace. He provides His reassurance that He is with us, that our loved one is with Him, and that we are all still connected between our imperfect world here and the eternal and perfect world of heaven.

And so we hope and we believe and we go on, hour by hour, day by day, knowing that God is with us, especially in our darkest days.

Our world down here may look shattered for a time, but our eternity is beautiful and perfect, and so we continue to live between our world and our promises for our forever home.

In our end is our beginning; in our time, infinity;

In our doubt there is believing; in our life, eternity,

In our death, a resurrection; at the last, a victory,

Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

3rd verse of Hymn of Promise by Natalie Sleeth, 1986

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