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What is Life Coaching, Anyway?

Life Coaching is professional help that is designed to help clients work toward goals or make changes in their lives that they desire. A Life Coach can help you to reach your goal or make those desired changes in an efficient and meaningful way.

Identifying barriers and obstacles to success is an important step in life coaching. Negative thoughts and images often get in the way, and a Life Coach will help you to reframe your thinking and self-image. Clients work with their Life Coach to develop an action-oriented plan with steps that will lead to the positive changes that they are looking for in their lives.

While there are some similarities between a Life Coach and a Counselor or Therapist, a Life Coach is primarily concerned with your present and future, rather than delving into your past. A life Coach will want to focus on solutions and moving forward but will address problems that keep you from going in a positive direction.

Most of us tend to feel stuck at times, and although we may want to make changes, we simply don't know how to get going. A big part of Life Coaching is to motivate, provide support and encouragement, and to hold clients accountable for taking the necessary steps to reach their goals.

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